Viking Bead Lots - 14 to 15 Beads
Viking Bead Lots - 14 to 15 Beads
BGO - Indonesia

Viking Bead Lots - 14 to 15 Beads

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We pulled these Viking beads from our regular listings because they all have some minor imperfections. Some are pitted, have bad seams or the black base shows too prominently in the design. All are able to be used in your designs as beads - but maybe not your best design!  Take advantage of these beautiful yet imperfect beads to add to your collection.

Vary from 18 to 22mm organic round

Hole sizes vary from 4 – 6mm

2 lots available (14 to 15 beads in each) $18.00 each

Viking Beads are lamp-work glass beads made in Indonesia.  These are reproductions of mosaic glass beads that date as early as 400 AD. Found in great concentration in Scandinavia, the beads reached that area during the Viking period of 800 to 1000 AD. The original beads are technically complex and most likely made within the Roman Empire. Talented Indonesian glass workers make these reproductions in traditional methods.

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