African Beads
Nigerian Brass Rings - 3 Pieces
African Bells - 1 Piece
Mousse Beaded Bangles
Beaded Beads
Indonesian Glass - Solid
Vintage Swarovski crystals. 12mm round in a pink rainbow and gray finish.
Snake A
Antique Pelican Bone Beads
Water Buffalo Bangle Bracelets
3.5mm Cornerless Cube Metal Beads
Donkey Beads - 1 Piece
Groovy Ceramic Pendants - 20 Piece Lots
Hill Tribe Copper Jump Rings 14mm, 16mm, 18mm
Braided Nylon Waxed Cord
Decor & Unique Items
SALE Indonesian Glass - Striped & Solid
Small round wooden bowl
Tibetan Small Round Earrings
Estate Collection
Hand Carved Sono Wood Toggles - 1 Piece
Flowers & Leaves
Vintage glass beads from jewelry designers, crafters, collectors.
Indonesian Glass - Solid
Phoenician Faces Round - 1 Piece
Gold Plated Hand Carved Nepalese Beads
Small Faceted Crystal Hearts - 50 Pieces
Hill Tribe Fine Silver Small Stamped Toggle Clasps
Jatim "Viking" Beads - 1 Piece
Water Buffalo Bangle Bracelets
Jewel Beetle Loose Wings
Orange Naga Glass Long Necklace
Chandelier trapezoid plastic drops
Lucite, etc Beads
Lucite, etc Pendants
mala counter leather cord with brass dorje and bell
ear spoon
Hill Tribe Fine Silver Stamped Discs Beads
Metal Pendants
Square Glass Links - 12 Pieces
Colorful Drop Beads - 200 Pieces
Dirty Martini Onyx  - 13 pieces
Water Buffalo Horn Large Rectangle Pendants
Seed Bead Necklace Chokers
Rudraksha Beads - 9 Pieces
Mother of Pearl Rounds - 100 pieces
Arrowhead Pendants - 1 Piece
dutch gold resin beads
sterling silver ring - bamboo
Sally Roesler Collection
Pink (Hint of Purple) Size 6 Seed Beads - 30 Grams
peach pit beads
Tibetan Brass & Stone Pendants - 1 Piece
Purple Cowrie Shell - 40 Pieces
Silver Plated Hand Carved Nepalese Beads
Metal Skull Beads - 1 Piece
Graduated Jasper Strands - 11 Pieces
Antique Pelican Bone Beads
Gold metal beads and green Afghan glass, and viking bead strand
Sari Fabric Bags
SALE - Cotton Tassels
Roman Glass Organic Coin Bead Strands
Waist Beads
White Japanese Oval Beads - 25 Pieces
Tibetan Brass & Stone Disc Beads - 2 Pieces
Tan Wood Rondelle Beads - 60 Pieces
22mm black wood rounds
Wood Chain