Biscuit Beaded Bangles
White matte beaded bangle
Sterling silver beaded bangles.
Gold metal beaded bangles.
Creamy white beaded bangle.
Biscuit Beaded Bangles
White inside glass beaded bangle.
Neutral beaded bangle made of glass size 15 seed beads.
Biscuit Beaded Bangles
Matte cream beaded bangle of size 15 seed beads.
White with hint of gold seed bead bangle.
Neutral taupe glass seed bead bangle bracelet.
Dark taupe glass seed bead bracelet.
Gold size 15 seed bead bangle bracelet.
Gold size 8 seed bead charlotte cut beaded bangle bracelet.
Cream glass size 15 seed bead bangle bracelet.
Neutral grayish brown seed bead bangle bracelet.
White size 11 inside color seed beads with gold polka dots. Beaded bangle bracelet that can be rolled on.
Biscuit Beaded Bangles
Biscuit Beaded Bangles
Biscuit Beaded Bangles
Matte cream size 15  glass seed beads.  Beaded bangle bracelet that can be rolled on.
Biscuit Beaded Bangles

Biscuit Beaded Bangles

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Shop cream, white, gold, neutral beaded bangles

Looking for a stylish accessory that also supports women's co-ops and cottage industries? Look no further than our beaded bangles! Our bangles are handcrafted with care by skilled artisans in Indonesia and Nepal.

Our beaded bangles come in a variety of styles and colors, so you're sure to find the perfect one to complement any outfit. Wear them alone for a simple yet elegant look, or mix and match with other bangles and bracelets for a more eclectic vibe.

One size fits most. There is no clasp. Contact us to create your own custom bangles - color, size, and patterns.

We primarily use Japanese size 11 and 15 seed beads.  The number refers to how big the bead is, the larger the number the smaller the bead.  In general, though not always precise, the number of beads is how many beads fit into 1 inch.  A size 15 means that roughly 15 beads fit into 1 inch.

By choosing our beaded bangles, you're not just accessorizing - you're making a positive impact on the lives of women and families in Indonesia and Nepal.

Bangles: Outside diameter is approximately 2.5 inch, inside diameter 2 inch. Look for bangles marked "Large": outside diameter is approximately 3 inches, inside diameter 2.5 inches.

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