Pink Spring Polka Dots (Size 15) Beaded Beads

Pink Spring Polka Dots (Size 15) Beaded Beads

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Pink polka dot beaded beads -  size 15 seed beads.

Beaded beads are made from Miyuki Glass seed beads in Bali and Nepal.  They are beaded around a core bead made from wood or plastic.

They are works of art in themselves and are beautifully strung into any piece of jewelry. Available made with colored glass beads or metallic beads.

We primarily use Japanese size 11 and 15 seed beads.  The number refers to how big the bead is, the larger the number the smaller the bead.  In general, though not always precise, the number of beads is how many beads fit into 1 inch.  A size 15 means that roughly 15 beads fit into 1 inch.

Partial Metallic

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