Rudraksha Beads - 9 Pieces
Rudraksha Beads - 9 Pieces
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Rudraksha Beads - 9 Pieces

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Can you say rudraksha?  These vintage beads are also known as “tears of Shiva.”   Make a mala, use in jewelry, guaranteed enlightenment!

Many of our rudraksha beads are  5-Mukhi.  5-Mukhi  beads are a shield against negative energy.  They are for general well being, health, and freedom. It is said wearing a sacred rudraksha bead will remove the human conflict of lust, anger, greed, affection, and ego.  When worn as a mala around your heart it can be beneficial to those with heart ailments such as high blood pressure, tension, and anxiety.

Approximately 18mm to 20mm

9 pieces for $9.00


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